Alessandro Medri is an Italian singer, guitarist and vocal coach. He started his career in 2004 after graduating in contemporary guitar performance at the Italian branch of Frank Gambale’s L.A.M.A. and in conjunction with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia communication and marketing.

His debut in the music business was at 17 years old with the pop/reggae band Rudysirie in 2002, with a self titled 3 track EP. Two years later the band signed a record deal with the indie Italian label TamTam Studio Recordings, this is when they started writing the first LP. After changing the name to ‘Mamasita’ in 2007 “Per Buona Sorte” was released, the first of 8 releases during 13 years of activity.

Alessandro was one of the four co-founders of the band, in which he played the position of guitarist, backing vocalist, guitar and vocal arranger and occasional composer. During the long and prosper activity of the band, they performed hundreds of concerts all around Italy with a crew of 9 musicians, reaching top charts on Italian mainstream radios and working with several national TV commercials for top multinational brands.

During this time he also began working as professional music composer for commercials inside TamTam Studio Recording, learning skills that make him now a fast and professional vocal producer and performer, very dedicated to his craft.

From 2006 to 2011 he worked with multiple Italian songwriters as a session guitarist, backing vocalist, as well as performing with a Jimi Hendrix tribute band as singer and guitarist.

In September 2011 , in just three months, he opened his own contemporary music and dance academy, “Accademia 49”. He put all his efforts into this for the next couple of years in order to make it the first school of the area.

In 2014 he became the new lead singer of Italian Metal Band “Figure Of Six”, where he started composing “Welcome To The Freak Show”, a complex, multi-layer concept album that perfectly sums up his skills as a composer, lyricist and vocal performer.

During 2017 he worked for Metal For Hire web roster, producing 6 different vocal projects for people all over the world.

And in 2018 he signed with Aeon Music Management as vocal producer and performer.

– Session Vocals (Studio & Live); – Song writing (lyrics, melody); – Vocal Coaching (For studio sessions) Vocal range (Full Voice): E2-Ab5, available in clean, scratch or heavy distortion. Check out the album “Welcome To The Freak Show” by Figure Of Six to listen some examples of his vocal approach.