SCIENCE OF DISORDER is Swiss Metal band from Lausanne, Switzerland created in 2011 feat. exmusicians of Sybreed, Promethee and former members of the death-metal band Your Own Decay.

The band defines himself as “Oldern-Bastard-Metal” style which is defined as a mix of old-school, a kind of
Swedish sounds and more modern approach. The band is currently under the German label FASTBALLMUSIC and distributed by BOB-MEDIA/SOULFOOD/BELIEVEDIGITAL companies in EU Territories.

The band released 2 albums. The first one “Heart, Blood and Tears” released in 2012 on the Belgian label ULTIMHATE RECORDS, feat. the drummer Kevin Talley (Daath. Misery Index, Chimaira, Suffocation, Dying Fetus) as session. The drums have been recorded in USA by Orlando Villasenor and the mastering of this album was done by Tue Madsen in Denmark

The second album “Private Hell” has been recorded by Drop in Geneva, Switzerland and the band signed for one album with the German Label FATSBALL-MUSIC. The global EU distribution gives the opportunity to the band to promote this album in EU countries and a 2-weeks tour in Russia is announced for October, followed by some gigs in France. This album is currently in the top-20 albums of the official German Rock/Metal Charts.

The band shared some stages with Metal legends like MEGADETH, ENTOMBED, SAMAEL, SADUS, NECROPHAGIST, DYING FETUS, DAGOBA, NAPALM DEATH… and is currently composed by Steph (Guitar, ex-Sybreed), Jérôme (Vocals, ex-Your Own Decay), Pelthor (Guitar, ex-Your Own Decay), Baptiste Maier (Drums, Promethee) and Seb (Bass, ex-Augury). About 1000 concerts through US/EU territories have been played for the totality of the musicians.