RQM was founded in 2012 by Sebastian Defabiani (lead vocal) and Maxime Claivaz (drums), two childhood friends that shared the same passion for industrial metal. The band was later joined by Pedro Tome, originally a pianist, who broadened the bands musical palette through the use of synthesizers and drumloops. In 2016, after undergoing various transformations, the band reached its definitive line up with Christian Barras as their guitarist and Robin B├ęcherraz as their bassist. These two young musicians brought new life to the creativity of the band and paved the way to the bands later works.

In April 2018, the band released its first completely homemade EP “R├ęsignation Acquise”, mixed and produced by Pedro. Consequent to the release, the band organized a release show at RLC Center in Sion, during which the quintet first appeared in its global stage imagery. The show was critically acclaimed by the audience for its musical performance and the visual efforts the young band made.

After their first EP, RQM was put in contact with Florida-based musician, composer and producer Kris Norris who, without hesitation, offered to collaborate on a future album. The band then agreed on the recording of a 6 tracks EP, later turned into a full length 12 tracks album, as the collaboration grew stronger between the band and its producer.

The band would even re-record and reintegrate one of its first EP tracks, after Kris suggested it had high potential. Following these events, RQM will join the AEON Music Management roster lead by Dorothy Demeester, previous manager of the successful band Sybreed. Both Dorothy Demeester and Kris Norris believe in the young swiss band’s real potentia