It all started as a sub-folder forsaken in the farthest corner of a computer screen filled with a magma of unfinished cues and half-written tracks that were considered unfit for use.

Following the disbanding of the defunct Swiss industrial metal band Sybreed, Benjamin, the singer, decided it was a good opportunity to neaten the said folder and make the place for brand new ideas. Listening to all the existing material, a bit for the fun and a bit for the “hey, we never know!”, he started a small cleaning exercise, that turned into a titanic endeavor to reconcile the existing sounds and melodies altogether because 1) hell, they were brand new ideas 2) they were some bloody cool tunes hidden in the middle of this sonic bedlam.

While most of the songs remained “work-in-progress”, Benjamin got in touch with Rhys Fulber, who was already pretty familiar with his voice for having worked with Sybreed, and who expressed his interest in recording this new project.

Benjamin contacted Kris Norris, well known for being the former guitarist of Darkest Hour, Scar the Martyr, Threat Signal and more, and who always wanted to work with Benjamin since they met on tour. Kris immediately started to write and record all the guitars/bass parts for the project.

Then Nick Oshiro, former Static-X, Seether and Blue Man Group, heard the songs, expressed his interest in laying down the drums on the album, and started to record new drums parts.

After back and forth exchanges, as guitars and drums were recorded from different part of the US, and a bit of trial-and-error, it all came together with a vocal recording session in L.A. Then Rhys mixed all these parts together.

During the mix, Benjamin and Kris contacted James Murphy to see if he would be interested to do the mastering. James heard the songs and told them that, yes, he really wanted to be part of this project as well.

Shadow Domain was born. A raging mix of pounding metal guitars, groovy and precise drumming, mechanical sounding synthesizers and vocals, that don’t mind going from painfully scorching to gothic crooning.